Bank API

The following APIs are served from banks, in order to allow exchanges to deposit funds to money recipients. A typical scenario for calling this APIs is after a merchant has deposited coins to the exchange, and the exchange needs to give real money to the merchant.

Administrative API

This is local API, meant to make the bank communicate with trusted entities, namely exchanges.

POST /admin/add/incoming

Request: The body of this request must have the format of a BankDepositRequest.


status 200 OK:The request has been correctly handled, so the funds have been transferred to the recipient’s account
status 400 Bad Request:
 The bank replies a BankIncomingError object


interface BankDepositRequest {

  // JSON 'amount' object. The amount the caller wants to transfer
  // to the recipient's count
  amount: Amount;

  // Exchange base URL, used to perform tracking requests against the
  // wire transfer ID.  Note that in the actual bank wire transfer,
  // the schema may have to be encoded differently, i.e.
  // "" may become "https" due to
  // character set restrictions.  It is the responsibility of the
  // wire transfer adapter to properly encode/decode the URL.
  // Payment service providers must ensure that their URL is short
  // enough to fit together with the wire transfer identifier into
  // the wire transfer subject of their respective banking system.
  exchange_url: string;

  // The id of this wire transfer, a `TALER_WireTransferIdentifierRawP`.
  // Should be encoded together with a checksum in actual wire transfers.
  // (See TALER_WireTransferIdentifierP for an encoding with CRC8.).
  wtid: base32;

  // The sender's account identificator
  debit_account: number;

  // The recipient's account identificator
  credit_account: number;

interface BankIncomingError {

  // Human readable explanation of the failure.
  reason: string;


Util API

Whenever the user wants to know the bank account number of a public account, the following path returns a human readable HTML containing this information